1879 Drinks and how to make them by Yeatman & Co

From the ‘‘European Mail It is claimed, and we think justly, by naan & Co._, of New Bond-street, that Cocktail Bitters are superior to any ever made. That great morning tail, ’ depends on the bitters quite purity of the wine or the spirit with Messrs. Yeatman’s bitters, specially prepare peponal supervision of the senior of the principally from the Calisaya bark. tail as a corrective for late hours, and it over night, is the infallible remedy West Territory to the Levee of New Orlean from the liquorless Mayne to the C Golden Gate ; and this matutinal ]apidly acclimatised wherever the spoken, ^ In addition to the introduction class tonic bitters for cock-tails, Messrs monstrate in a most handy little pa cock-tails should be made, A recipes would, we are convinced, Templar, and possibly destroy the in of the great Sir Wilfred himself. Shakesperian quotations which head eac vellously clear directions how refreshing drinks are equal in thirst-prov to the famous “Bolony sausage,” which Nasby always carried as an “ inciter.” not only pleasant, but healthy, by Yeatman s Calisayine Bitters.But enough, and in calling attention to done our duty. From the “British Trade J Calisayine Bitters. — The Am duced the “Britisher” to several new 24

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