1879 Drinks and how to make them by Yeatman & Co

and novel combinations of the forms The bitters known under the above introduction of Messrs. Yeatman. Th can conscientiously, and the heavy drink ficially, use the bitters as a pleasant restora tea, syrups, and bitters for the one ; spirits bitters for the other. Of the fo milk and bitters is a most drink, harmless for all. From “La Mode Illnstree.” In Yeatman’s Calisayine Cocktail Bitters will find a valuable and unique prepa which, more especially to those who h themselves to sal volatile, will be peculiarly By strengthening the nerves and stomach it will remove all depression. in cold water, or, like other bitters, a spirits, and is agreeable. called Calisaya, of a kind similar and, like that, possesses exclusive advant addition of greater palatableness. sayine Bitters “ The Prince of Pick-me-ups Yeatman may be accredited with being may be truly called the “ King ” of them. factured solely by Messrs. Yeatman and Currie Powder notoriety, at 119, New W., and is obtainable of all grocers chants, &c. From the “Licensed Victuallers’ The Calisayine Bitters will be found one refreshing drinks out. We have before excellent tonic qualities of the Bitters invented by Mr. Yeatman, of New and the good opinon we have formed of


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