1879 Drinks and how to make them by Yeatman & Co

to be generally endorsed by those who visited department of the “ Show.”

“ Bicycling & Athletic Journal.’’—Oct 1879. Again, we can recommend all our “Calisayine Cocktail Bitters,” called Pick-me-Ups,” made by Messrs. Yeatman an New Bond-street, and we would suggest cure from this firm a little and how to Make Them,” which is equally wants of a total abstainer as to he who juice of the grape. A glass of manipulated by a member of the firm and in which the bitters in question were prese to wish we were near neighbours to the courteo man who dispensed this hospitality. From the “Licensed Victualle October 4, 1879. Entering from the eastern end, the f meets the eye is that of Messss. Yeatman & New Bond-street, who have a larg Calisayine Cocktail Bitters, and who champagne, gin cock-tails, and deligh made with their charming bitters. Dear Kate, I must write you the news of the week; Flora Flimsy’s engaged to be married ! And to whom do you think ?—Why to Perciv Who the honours of Cambridge last carried Cerulean Longhose is half mad of pique. And Beatrice Bowstring for rage can scarc 26 Tanglewood Hous June isth, 18

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