1879 Drinks and how to make them by Yeatman & Co

Mamma is quite happy—I hope now her nenres, As M.D. says, “will keep well in tone.’ She takes soda and milk, in place of the herbs But as this did not quite suit alone. She was told Calisayine Bitters to use. And her praise of these Bit profuse. We are having such fun ! You know (The great Iriend of your dear Captain Stu He came here to dinner, and what should he (I believe from the Marlborough Club), Well—a bottle of Bitters, some “Co make; I wish you’d been here, for this and our s So a “ Cocktail Champagne ” before dinner Of Bitters Calis-ayine made. It is so delicious ! If your appetite’s You need not a bit be afraid ; The Bitters will quite appetise you for mea And most things in the menu you’re eat. But to hear Colonel Tring talk of “ slings ” (All made with these Bitters, you know). And “Cocktails” and “Juleps,” things, It would surelv amuse you, I vow. He says and declares that this Mr. Yeatxn By inventing these Bitters is now man. P.S. At Henley we hope to see you and Bel Witte Captain Stubb says he’ll join us, and bring do Bitters. 27

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