1879 Drinks and how to make them by Yeatman & Co

No acidity is generated, and the gluten, sug and other nutritious components of flour rem use of YEATMAN’S YEAST POWDER It IS used m the households of thousands prominent families, among whom : Sir Wm. Gul Admiral Nepean, the Bishop of Peterboro’, Lo ley, Lord Skermersdale, &c., &c. It i in India, China, Africa, the Colonies, an where English “ home-made bread ” is a luxury. its many merits it will resist damp, and w good preservation for years in any climate. # Thousands of testimonials have been received be seen at 119, New Bond Street. It to be infinitely superior to the usual Baking Powder the objectionable alkaline taste caused by these does not occur with YEATMAN’S YEAST POW ^^-‘'^TMAN S yeast powder German Yeast, inasmuch as the latter sours temperature. The Yeast Powder res perature of the Indies or the Tropics. Own Commanders of Steam Ships, and M discover in this preparation an article long wanted. Report called for by the WAR YEATMAN’S YEAST POWDER. ‘‘ Bread was baked by men of the supply branch Army Service Corps; YEATMAN’S DER was used the whole time, and the experiment p highly satisfactory. The Powder does no be affected by damp, and I should strongly its use in all future Expeditions. adopting YEATMAN’S YEAST P think, be considered as clearly proved. (Signed) J. W. MURRAY, ^ War Office, Aug. isf, 1870.” 29

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