1879 Drinks and how to make them by Yeatman & Co

by adding a small quantity of any lemon peel. N.B.—If preferred sweeter, a may be added ; and syrup of raspberry syrup, for variety, may be used in all kind The following, and one or two other for we have taken from an excellen “American and other Drinks,” com Engel, of the Criterion, published by Tin No. 3.—Fancy Cocktail. {Use a small tumbler.) “ I’ll drink to her as long as there is a throat.”— T welfth Night, i. 3. This drink may be made the same way or whiskey cocktail, and strained into a a piece of lemon-peel placed on the berry ; the edge of glass moistened and dipped in powdered sugar. No. 4_Brandy Cockta {Use a small tumbler.) “ O knight thou lack’st a cup of I see thee so put down ?”— Twelfth Night, A half teaspoonful or more of Calisayine glass two-thirds full of brandy (or full, if prefe water, squeeze of lemon, some ice ; mix No. 6.—Japanese Coc {Use a tumbler.) “ Drink a health to me; for I must well to you all.”— Taming the Shrew, iii. 6

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