1879 Drinks and how to make them by Yeatman & Co

One tablespoonful of Orgeat syrup, a Calisayine Bitters, wine-glass of brand pieces of lemon-peel; fill tumbler one-third wi stir well with a spoon. No. 6.—Jersey Cocktail. (Use a tumbler.) “And when she drinks, against her lips Midsummer Night’s Dream, ii. i. One teaspoonful Calisayine Bitters, fil ice and cyder, mix well, and place on t No. 7.—Brandy Crusta. “ Dost thou think because thou art shall be no more cakes and ale ?”—Twelfth Nig A crusta is made in the same way as a fan and may be formed of gin, whiskey, or any kind with a little lemon juice and a small lump Mix all in a tumbler, take a fancy coloured pare half a lemon in one long narrow wine-glass, and pour crusta in, having previou ened edge of glass with lemon juice, and dipped . No. 8.—Whiskey Cockta (Use a tumbler.) “ Three times they breath’d, and t they drink .”—King Henry IV., i. 3. Half a teaspoonful or more Calisayine Bitters, win Irish or Scotch whiskey, a piece of lemon pee third full of ice, shake all well together, and wine-glass. A squeeze of lemon juice may be at times, by way of variety, a little of any kind


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