1879 Drinks and how to make them by Yeatman & Co

No. 9.—Champagne Cockta “ The red wine must first rise in their my lord; then we shall have them talk us King Henry VIII., I, 4. In making champagne cocktail (to my king of drinks) the high-priced brands of champa not needed—a Saumur, at 24s. per doz., will purpose equally well. I quote from Sam the seasoning which makes the pie—mutto vealso it is the Calisayine Bitters that mak of Champagne a pleasure to the palate. A friend of mine noted for his excellent the fact that at the table all were invariab chatty, even before the soup was removed, secret was to have handed to each guest, commenced, a champagne cocktail! “ not only has a happy influence on the brain and but appetises my guests—and don’t the My dinners were always done justice to, an pleasing knowledge that ‘ good digestion would appetite,’ by means of the Calisayine Bitters.” Put half a teaspoonful of Calisayine Bitters of champagne and a little ice; or, if for in a jug two dessert-spoonfuls of Calisayine each bottle of champagne, and some ice. put a piece of lemon peel, or a st Maraschino may be added. No. 10.—Stars and Stripe (For a Pousse Cafe'.) You shall not choose but drink before yo Taming the Shrew, v. i. Pour gently down the side of a liqueur glass,


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