1883 McDonough's bar-keepers' guide, and gentlemen's sideboard companion (1883)

25 116. Sportsman Punch, One quart of Brandy,, one quart of Jamaica Rum, four sliced lem- ons, one pound of bar sugar, one-half gallon of boiling milk ; steep the lemons in the Brandy and Rum for two hours, add the other in- gredients and strain in a jug. 117. Grand Army Punch for a party of fifteen Two quart bottles of Champagne, one pint of Sherry, one pint of Sauterne Wine, one pint of Cognac Brandy, one-half a pineapple sliced, the juice of three oranges and three lemons, one pound of powdered sugar. Use large punch-bowl. Take your wine direct from the cooler. 118. Metropolitan Punch. This punch is composed of Claret wine, plain soda, Brandy and Sherry. Add to these lemon juice, sugar and sliced pineapple. The proportions are, to six bottles of Claret and six of soda water, use one each of Brandy and Sherry. This punch improves by being kept a few weeks after bottling. St. Louis Punch. Four quarts of Champagne, one pint of Jamaica Rum, one-half pint of Maraschino, four lemons sliced, one pound of powdered sugar ; mix in large punch-bowl. Place in center of bowl a large block of ice ornamented with loaf sugar, rock candy, sliced oranges, a bunch of grapes and some raisins. This recipe is for a party of fifteen. 120. New England Punch. Use large punch-bowl, one pound of bar sugar, one gallon of water ? two quarts of Medford Rum, one quart of Jamaica Rum, the juice of six lemons, half a pineapple, four oranges sliced ; stir well and add a block of ice. 121. Montreal Punch. Use small punch bowl, one-fourth pound of powdered sugar, two quarts of water, one quart of Rye Whiskey, one-half pint of Jamaica Rum, one-half pineapple, sliced, four lemons, sliced; stir well and add a small block of ice. 119.

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