1883 McDonough's bar-keepers' guide, and gentlemen's sideboard companion (1883)

246. Whiskey and Milk. Follow the same directions as in No. 245, substituting Whiskey for Brandy. 247. Gin and Milk. The same as No. 245, substituting Gin for Brandy.

248. Ginger Ale.

Use large bar glass, fill

up with ginger Ale direct from the cooler.


. $ar saparilla. Follow the same directions as in No. 248, substituting Sarsaparilia for Ginger Ale. 250. Plain Soda. ' The same as No. 248, substituting Plain Soda for Ginger Ale. Nectar. Follow the same directions as in No. 248, substituting Nectar for Ginger Ale. 252. Brandy and AJbsinthe. Use small bar glass, one bar spoon of Absinthe, place glass on the bar with the Brandy bottle direct from the cooler ; add a glass of ice water. 253. Whiskey and Absinthe. The same as No. 252, substituting Whiskey for Brandy. 254. Gin and Absinthe. Follow the same method as in 252, substituting Old Tom Gin for Brandy, 255. Fort Wine and Negus. Use large bar glass, four lumps of loaf sugar, one wine-glass and a half of Port Wine, fill up with boiling water ; grate Nutmeg on top. 256. Soda Negus. Use a quart of Port Wine, a quarter pound of loaf sugar, spice with Cloves, Cinnamon and Nutmeg, warm this in a sauce pan and o in a large pitcher ; add a quart of Plain Soda. 251.

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