1883 McDonough's bar-keepers' guide, and gentlemen's sideboard companion (1883)

43 27 1. Tan zy Shrub.

Take a china tea-pot, place a bunch of tanzy in a wine-glass of An- gostura Bitters, a quarter pound of bar sugar, moisten with a little water, fill up with Gin ; let it stand for a day when it will be ready for use. 272. Gin and Tanzy. Use small bar glass, fill one-third full of tanzy shrub ; place glass on bar with the Gin bottle and let your customer help himself ; add a glass of ice water. Oyster Vinegar. Use small bar glass, one egg, a sprinkle of pepper and salt, and a wine-glass of white wine vinegar. This is a " Night Cap." 273. 275. Oyster Beer. Follow the same directions as' in No. 274, substituting Beer for Ale. 276. Mulled Ale. Place a poker in the fire-place and let it get well heated ; then put it in the Ale ; grate nutmeg on top. 27 7. Champagne Cup. Use small punch bowl, quarter pound of loaf sugar, one pint of boiling water, the peel of a lemon, pour in a quart bottle of Cham- pagne and a half pint of Sherry ; stir well, and add a block of ice. Serve in hock glasses. 278. Golden Sour. Fill large bar glass one-third full of cracked ice, one table-spoon of bar sugar, one-half wine-glass of water, five or six dashes of lime or lemon juice, the yolk of an egg, one wine-glass of Brandy or Eye Whiskey ; shake, and strain in small bar glass. 274. Oyster Ale. Use ale glass, break an egg in, add a sprinkle of salt and pepper, fill up with ale.

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