1883 McDonough's bar-keepers' guide, and gentlemen's sideboard companion (1883)

45 286. Raspberry Syrup.

Essence of raspberry, two drachms ;

simple syrup, two pounds


287. Pineapple Syrup.


simple syrup, two pounds ;

Essence of pineapple, forty drops ;

288. Orange Syrup.

simple syrup, two pounds

Tincture of orange peel, four ounces ;


289. Lemon Syrup.

simple syrup, two pounds

Tincture of lemon peel, four ounces ;


290. Cherry Wine.

Cherries, sound and ripe, forty pounds ; brown sugar, eight pounds); water, seven gallons; Brandy, two quarts; add yeast and let it fer- ment. 29 1 . Black Currant Wine. Black currants, ten pounds ; brown sugar, sixteen pounds ; water to make sixteen gallons ; Brandy, two quarts ; ferment.

292. Elder JVine.

boiling water, three and one-half gal-

Elderberries, five gallons ;

; brown sugar, eighteen pounds ;

cloves, three ounces ;



Brandy, three pints ;

bruised, seven ounces ;


293. Gooseberry Wine.

water to make

brown sugar, ten pounds ;

Gooseberries, fifty pounds ;

Brandy, two quarts ;


fifteen gallons ;

294. Grape Wine.

water to make fifteen

grapes, fifty pounds ;

Sugar, ten pounds ;

; Brandy, two quarts ;



295. Quinine Bitters. FOR BAR USE. Place twenty grains of quinine in a pint bottle ;

add the peel of an

up wiiii Rye Whiskey or Gin ;

orange, cut up fine, fill and it is ready for use.

shake well,

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