1884 The Modern Bartenders' Guide by O. H. Byron



Then elevate the bowl and let the couteuts drip into the. glass containing the absinthe, until the color shows a sutEciency. Pour into a large bar glass. Serve.

Italian Method of Mixing Absintho. (A large bar glass.)

1 pony of absinthe. 2 or 3 pieces of ice. 2or 3dashesMaraschino, i pony of anisette. Pour ice waterinto the glass ; slowly stir with aspoon and serve.

"Arfand Arf,"or Black and Tan.

(A large ale glass.) This is a common English drinkand means half porter and half ale, but in this country we use half old ale and half new. It is always best to ask the customer how he desires it.

Bishop. (jx large bar'glass.)


1 table-spoon sugar. 2dashes lemon juice. Half the juice of an orange.

One squirt seltzer water, iglass filled with fine ice. 1ill the balance with Burgundy. Dash of Jamaica rum. Stir well. Dress with fruit, and serve with a straw.

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