1884 The Modern Bartenders' Guide by O. H. Byron



Fill up -witli wine, and stir. Serve with,a piece of twisted lemon peel on top. We use none but Boker's, or the genuine Angostura bitters; the latter possesses a certain ricli flavor and deli cate pei'fume, altogether unapproachable by othei-s.

EastIndia Cocktail. (A large bar glass.)

1 tea-spoon raspberi-y syrup. 1tea-spoon Guracoa,(red.) 2 or 3 dashes Angostura bitters. 2or 3 dashes Maraschino.


1 wine glass brandy. Stir well; strain into a cocktail glass. Twisting a piece of lemon peel on top, serve.

Fancy Brandy Cocktail, No.1. (A large bar glass.)

Fill your glassf full of fine ice. 2or 3 dashes gum syrup. 2dashes Angostm^a bitters.

1 or 2 dashes Guracoa. 1 wine glass brandy. Stir well with a spoon. Strain into a fancy cocktail glass'. Twist a piece of lemon peel on top, and serve. A squirt of champagne, if kept on draft, willadd to the delicacy of flavor.

Fancy Brandy Cocktail,No.2. (A large bar glass.)

2or 3 dashes gum syrup. 2 dashes Maraschino.

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