1885 New Guide Hotel Bar Restaurant



lump of ice.

Grate a little nutmeg on the top, and hand

gracefully to your customer.

Bourbon Sling

Is made of Bourbon whiskey in precisely the same fashion as above.

Brandy Sling, as for Gin.

Whiskey Sling

Is made on the gin sling pattern, rather, with Irish, Scotch, or Rye whiskies as a foundation. Never forget the ice, and the grate of nutmeg on the top.

Mother's Milk Sling.

Whiskey in a small bar-glass, plenty of it, Fill up with milk, a lump of ice, and serve. Omit the sugar and water: the milkman will no doubt give you plenty of the latter, The Morning Delight. Fill with new milk, a lump of ice. Drink and tell your wife when you get home What a delightful thing is new milk fresh from the cow eh ! boys ? and strong. Take a good stiff glass of white rum. If you have been haunting the President and the White House, day and night for 3 months without success — take the consoler's beverage. Initiate the President into the mixing and you will get any office you like to ask for," said the bar tender as he poured into the glass the following mixture A glass and a half of ''rare old rye" a dash of curacoa filled up with milk fresh from the cow, and a lump of ice as big as The Office Seeker's Consoler.

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