1885 New Guide Hotel Bar Restaurant




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ranges, of the Wilson Range Company. From the flaring yellow flamed gas stove, that poisons the household, as well as the food cooked therein, with deleterious gas fumes; to that economical, perfect, healthful stove, called Fietcher*s Hot Air Oven/* The qualifications of a good stove are : 1. Good heating power. 2. Of permitting the regulation of the heat. 3. The retention of heat, and the equal diffusion of the same throughout the ovens. 4. The perfect combustion of fuel, and as far as possible, the smoke to be self-consuming. This I find in the Improved Wilson Range. It is one of the most Sanitary Stoves I have met with ; and only requires careful setting, and the use of hard Steam Coal, or coke. In fact they burn everything. I always consume the vegetable refuse in them, as they Cremate them perfectly, and the smell of the burning is not perceived, either in the kitchen or club. I never permit waste vegetable refuse to be put in the ash-pit. If there are no pigs, rabbits, or poultry to feed, then it is systematically dried and burnt every day. In the other case, it would be boiled in a copper and given fresh to the animals. Sour swill produces Swine fever. Gas Stoves are essential in the work of large Houses. They are difficult to select. If a perfect combustion of fuel is necessary in a coal range, it is imperative in a gas cooker. Just a few hints, as to the mode of testing in choos- ing. Light a taper, and hold it a little above the jets if circular, or near one. If in rows, turn on the gas and rapidly pass the taper over the burners, or the apertures. Now, note Gas Stoves.

— If the latler there is a

If the flame be blue ox yellow.


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