1885 New Guide Hotel Bar Restaurant


1 95

canisters for baked and

tape, twines, &c. ;

trussing needles;

boiled flour, cornflour, biscuits, &c. ; jars, glass bottles, flour bins, meal ditto, salt boxes, and tin tidies (for salt, black and white pepper) ; knives of all sorts and sizes ; jelly bags, straining cloths, — from the sampler cloth, to the fine lawn salamander and stand ; vegetable strainers, frying baskets, and straining ladles ; spoons and slices, of wire and Britan- nia metal. Gum paste boards ; palette knives, porcelain palettes and saucers, piping cornets and fancy tubes, sugar boiling pan ; small and large ice safes — Jolly's are as good as any, and so are their indestructible blocks — a very necessary piece of hotel furniture ; I met with and purchased mine at the Smithfield show, in the London Agricultural Hall. They are there every year on exhibition. A small weighing machine for heavy goods, and a pair of true balance scales^ for general use must be included. For the rest, the general furniture of an ordinary kitchen in the shape of earthenware dishes, basins, plates of all sorts, sizes, and descriptions, to- gether with plenty of crash, linen, and cotton towelling, dusters, dish cloths, dish mops, brushes for vegetables, brooms for pot cleaning, scrubbing brushes, hair and fibre, with dust pans, shovels, housemaid's box, knife cleaners, &c., &c.

Economy of First Expenditure.

It is the most false economy to stint the cook of appara-


tus, slicing machines such as Topham's rotary, or a poly-bladed Julienne, and cabbage knives, or a Hancock's potato washer, are needed to save labour and time ; it is cheaper and wiser to expend the few shillings required for extras, than to lose one's reputation for good cookery, overwork the staff, or over* crowd the kitchens with people. for carrying out his trade ; if vegetable

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