1885 New Guide Hotel Bar Restaurant



Bung down and let it stand 8 or 10 days, when

bung hole.

it will be found to be all right.

Charcoal is a great purifier of beers, ales and porters, from mustiness and putrefaction. It must be remembered that after using charcoal, which absorbs not only all the putrefac- tive organisms created by decay, but also extracts the colour from the liquids to which it is consigned for purifying pur- poses. The beer must be racked off, and colouring matter supplied to replace that withdrawn by the action of the charcoal. If beer is flat from being chilled in the cellar, raise the temperature by means of a gas or other stove, add a little dissolved gelatine and a small quantity of sulphuric acid. The method is this, soak the gelatine two hours in cold, first class ale, say you use 2 oz. of gelatine to the barrel to give it strength. When it is ready for dissolving, put over the fire in a clean saucepan, a quart of the best ale ; when this is warm add the soaked gelatine, stir till it is dissolved — it must not boil, — add to the flat thick beer or porter in the barrel, rummage well and add a little sulphuric acid, (or sulphate of iron) bung down and leave for 2 or 3 days.

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