1885 New Guide Hotel Bar Restaurant





Is produced by infusing 1 oz. of indigo in 2 ozs. of sulphuric This must stand for a fortnight during which time the bottle must be left near the stove, so that the acid may work on the colour. Dilute with distilled water and filter. acid.


Cochineal, or an infusion of made by steeping i lb. of

**Hartins' Crimson Salts."

The latter is

red sander's-wood.

Bilberry juice.

raspings" as they are called in o. p, spirit.

Beet root.

Spirit Essences Are of great value in an Hotel or Restaurant, both for cook- ing and bar purposes. Amongst the principal are

Spirit Essence of Lemon.

PeeI the yellow rinds from small thin-skinned lemons, taking as little of the white as possible. Large coarse skinned lemons are to be avoided, as they are of little or no use. When you have 1 lb. weight of this, put it into a jar or gallon bottle, and cover with a gallon of o. p. spirit. Let it infuse until the peel sinks to the bottom of the jar. Drain off, bottle and seal. The peel is very nice afterwards for use in puddings, mincemeat or pickles. Another Essence of Lemon May be made from this, by taking 1 pint of the above essence and mixing it with 1 pint of distilled water in which 1 oz. of citric acid crystals have been dissolved. This gives a flavour of rind and acid together. Almond Essence, or Tincture of Almonds Is made by blanching J a lb. of bitter almonds in boiling water, that is, placing them in a pan over the fire in water

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