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parts, white wine vinegar, or if such a strong vinegar is not needed, add a pint to the quart of syrup.

Essence of Vanilla.

Cut up a vanilla stalk, and place in a porcelain funnel

such as that used by chemists.

Fill the filter with


genuine 60^ o. p, spirit.

Allow it to filter slowly through

This operation can be repeated 3 or 4

into a glass bottle.

Cork and seal the bottle.

times with fresh spirit.



Put 3 vanilla pods into a quart of spirit, let them stand from 14 to 21 days, then pour the spirit on broken lump sugar, dry the sugar slowly, grind and lawn sift it, seal and bottle

The quart will saturate 14 lbs. of sugar.

for use.

Essence of Ginger.

1 lb. of fine white Jamaica ginger, put it into a


Steep for 3 weeks, shaking

jar with 1 quart of o.p, spirit.

Then strain and filter, and you will

the bottle every day.

have a quintessence of ginger. During the time of infusion if the jar is kept at 70° F., the process of absorption by the spirit of the essential essence of the ginger will be consider- ably greater than if the maceration takes place in a cooler temperature. Can be made from the above receipt, by taking some stock syrup (see page 87) and flavouring it to the strength required with the essence of ginger and a few drops of spirit of capsicum. Essence of Capsicum. Ginger Syrup

Take 1 lb. of chillies, (red peppers) or red capsicum pods.

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