1885 New Guide Hotel Bar Restaurant

N O Y E A U.



Liqueurs and their Manufacture.

THERE is nothing so nice or so dainty as a well made liqueur. Although they are expensive to purchase they are not very expensive to manufacture. It is the one point where the Hotel keeper may recoup himself for losses on other goods. One of the most common and popular

liqueurs, is


This is a private receipt of my own which I have worked for the last 14 years with the greatest success. Make a syrup of 6 lbs. of lump sugar in the usual way by covering

Beat up the

it with water, using little less than i a gallon. whites and shells of 2 eggs, and whisk until it

comes to

It should be very slowly heated so that the sugar

the boil.

— (use one of the old

may be all dissolved before it

does boil

fashioned wire whisks,) give it a good boil up, and let it stand a minute or two to gather up impurities, strain through a felt jelly bag. It should be perfectly clear after passing through the bag. It is usual to steep the bag in clear boiling water, and wring it dry before passing the syrup through. Before it grows cold, stir into it a 1 oz. bottle of " Stevenson and Howell's" essence of almonds. Bottle one half in the proper bottles, as White Noyeau. Tinge the other very slightly with cochineal. Bottle, cork, and cap- sule for Pink Noyeau. This can be retailed at from 4s. 6d ; 5s., or 7s. 6d., per bottle, according to your customers, — as there are some people who would not thank you for it, unless you charge them top market prices, then your productions will be delicious.

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