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No. 2.

Liqueur de Cupidon.

A GREAT deal of trouble may be saved by making the liqueur in this method. Take 2 quarts distilled rose water, 5 pints of plain spirit. Add the orange flower water to this, and continue as in the last receipt to the finish.

Fleurs des Oranges.

Take 1 lb. of fresh orange flower petals, bruise slightly in a mortar and put into a warm jar. Cover with half a gallon of 0. p, grain spirit, add 1 doz. green leaves of the orange plant. Pound in the mortar in which the flowers were bruised, 4 lbs. of fine lump sugar, and add to the spirit. This will absorb any moisture left by the flowers. Add the rind of a small thinly peeled lemon, cork the jar securely, shake it well. Leave it to stand for a month. Filter, bottle, seal, and cork.


Liqueur d'

Take \ lb. of lavender flowers ; oz. of blanched bitter almonds ;

2 oz. of red rose petals ; 1

bruised in a mortar, with a

Infuse the whole in a gallon of 0. p, spirit for

little sugar.

one month, shaking well every day. Then strain and filter, and if necessary put into a clean jar and fine with alum and salts of tartar. Then draw off, and add to half a gallon of clarified syrup ; perfume with thirty drops of commercial spirit of musk or geranium, add 3 leaves of gold-leaf, damp with syrup on the upper side and break into flakes with a skewer. Colour the whole a delicate pink. Bottle in clear

glass bottles.

Liqueur de Battenberg.

Take 1 gallon of proof spirit, and add 1

oz. each of the

and lemon ;

i oz. of


following tinctures :

clove ;


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