1885 New Guide Hotel Bar Restaurant

HOME MADE WINES. 77 eggs and shells, whipped up with a little of the wine, and added after the after fermentation has ceased. Bung up and in 3 months it will be fit to drink. Ginger Wine, — Simple Method. (Trade.) \ Gallon of plain spirit, 3 oz. of spirit essence of ginger, (concentrated double strength,) 2 oz. essence of orange, thin syrup clarified 4 gallons. It is then ready for use. If the colour is not deep enough add a little safi^ron, and if a brown colour is preferred, colour with caramel. Cowslip Wine. Slice 1 doz. lemons to every bushel of cowslip pips, put the pips and lemons into the fermenting tub, also a handful of sweet briar tops. Boil in a copper 6 gallons of water and 10 lbs. of glucose. Stir it till it boils, skim it well and let it boil half an hour, then pour it boiling hot on the fruit and flowers in the tub. When it is cool ferment with \ a pint of sweet white yeast. Rouse the yeast well into the water. Cover with a cloth and let it work for a few days. When the working ceases and you notice the head becoming flat, skim it carefully off, strain it into the cask. Put \ an oz. of saffron flowers in with it. Fine with soaked and dissolved gelatine 2 oz. Bung up, and in 6 months time you will have a clear beautiful wine. If it is liked, sugar may be used instead of the glucose, but the wine will not have nearly such a smooth rich flavour. (A Mock Wine.) Make 4 gallons of very thin syrup well boiled, and clarify Cowslip Cordial. it with \ lb. of cowslip essence, J of a pint of lime juice, and 1 oz. of ordinary lemon essence. If cowslip wine has run short this is a good and cheap makeshift. Colour with marigold or clarified Put in a China barrel and sell. it. Mix


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