1885 New Guide Hotel Bar Restaurant



is kept growing on the tree, and forms a part of the bar decoration. Verbena drinks may not be called for, for 2 or 3 days. Again there may be a regular run for them. An Englishman picks the verbena out before he tastes, throws it on the bar counter, tastes his liquor from the glass and then begins to drink it through the straws. He does not like the method, throws away the straws and gulps it down, and thinks that American drinks are not so very prime after all. It is the bar-tender's business politely to tell them how it is used, and that without offence, or seeming to teach. Sprays that are thrown away can be washed and re-used, but sprays that remain in the glass until the julip is drunk through the straw, can not be used again. Should be cut and the stalks freed from the leaves for about an inch, and then placed in boxes of silver sand and watered 2 or 3 times a day. To use, take a pair of scissors, clip them off and use in the juleps. The mint — roots and all can be kept growing in soup plates, with plenty of water, and it does not make a bad back of the bar decoration. Tansy, wormwood, lavender tops, &c., should all be kept Mint, &c.,


and the lemons,


limes, Seville,



Michael oranges, fresh fruits, &c., should all be of the best


Glass, &c.

Have plenty of glass from the small doirs liqueur glass for absinthe, to the large red and green hock and claret glasses; tumblers Finger and stalk") from the pony tumbler to the large lemonade glass, known in America as large and small bar glasses ; from the small rummer on the stalk to the large whiskey toddy glass of — coloured and white ;

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