1887 The bar-tender's guide


Fill the goblet with wine, stir up with a spoon, and serve with a thin piece of twisted lemon peel. A quart bottle of wine will make six cocktails.

Coffee Cocktail.

(Use a large bar-glass.)

Take 1 tea-spoonful powdered white sugar. 1 fresh egg. 1 large wine-glass of port wine.

1 pony of brandy. 2 or 3 lumps of ice. Break the egg into the glass, put in the sugar, Und lastly the port wine, brandy and ice. Shake up very thoroughly, and strain into a medium bar goblet. Grate a little nutmeg on top before serving. The name of this drink is a misnomer, as coffee and bitters are not to be found among its ingredients, but it looks like coffee when it has been properly con- cocted, and hence probably its name. *

Vermouth Cocktail.

(Use small bar-glass.)

Take 2 dashes of Boker's bitters. 1 wine-glass of Vermouth. 1 quarter slice of lemon.

Shake the bitters and vermouth with a small lump of ice, strain in a cocktail glass in which the lemon has becĀ«i placed. If the customer perfers it very sweet, add two dashes of gum syrup.

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