1887 The bar-tender's guide



2 or 3 dashes of lemon juice. 1 wine-glass of apple jack. Fill the glass with shaved ice, shake up, and strain into a claret glass. Ornament with berries.

Egg Sour.

(Use small bar-glass.)

Take 1 tea-spoonful of powdered white sugar. 3 dashes of lemon juice. 1 pony of Cura9oa┬╗ 1 pony of brandy. 1 egg. 2 or 3 small lumps of ice. Shake up well, and remove the ice before serving.

Apple Toddy.

(Use medium bar- glass, hot.)

Take 1 large tea-spoonful of fine white sugar dis- solved in a little boiling hot water. 1 wine-glass of cider brandy (apple jack). % of a baked apple. Eill the glass two-thirds full of boiling water, stir up, and grate a little nutmeg on top. Serve with a ' spoon. Cold Brandy Toddy.

(Use small bar-glass.)


Take 1 tea-spoonful of fine white sugar. % wine-glass of water.


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