1888 Harry Johnson's new and improved bartender's manual (1888)

- 92- 216. BRANDY AND GINGER ALE. (Use a large bar glass.) 2 or 3 lumps of broken ice ; 1 'vine glass of Brandy; 1 bottle of good Ginger ale; mix well together; particular attention must be paid when pouring the ginger ale into the other mixtures, not to let the foam run over the glass, and it is proper to ask the customer whether he desires imported or domestic ale; the imported being the best to use, as it mixes better, and will give better satisfaetion than the domestic. 217. SHERRY WINE AND ICE. (Use a Whiskey glass.) 1 or 2 lumps of broken ice ; place a bar-spoon into the glass, hand this out with the bottle of Sherry wine, and let the sustomer help himself. _ If a hotel, r estaurant or cafe is attached to the establishment, and the customer should call for such drink at the table, it is the bartenders duty to fill the glass with Sherry wine, and not send the bottle to the table, unless requested to do so. - 218. BRANDY AND SODA. (Use a large bar glass.) 3 or 4 lumps of broken ice ; 1 wine glass of Brandy; 1 bottle of plain soda water; mix well with a spoon, but attention must be paid not to let the mixture spread over the glass. This is a delicious drink in ·summer and fancied very much by English people, and is also called Brandy Split by them. 219. SARATOGA BRACE UP. (Use a large bar glass.) 1 table-spoonful of white sugar; 2 or 3 dashes of Bitters (Boker's genuine only);

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