1888 Harry Johnson's new and improved bartender's manual (1888)


s;. 1 of the glass filled with fine shaved ice; 1 wine glass of good Whiskey; Fill the glass with shaved ice· 1;2 pony glass Chartreuse (yellow);

stir up well with a spoon, t'b.en take a fancy glass have it dressed with fruit and strain the mixture into it, and serve. This drink is very palatable and will taste good to most anybody. (See illustration, P late No. 10.) 69. CHA.MPAGNE COBBLER. (Use .o. large liar glass .) 1/! of a table-spoonful of sugar; 1/4 wine glass of Syphon Selters, dissolve well; 1 or 2 pieces of Orange; 1 or 2 pieces of Pineapple; Fill the glass with ice; Fill the balance with champagne, ornament the top in a tasty manner, and serve it with a straw. This drink is generally mixed where they have champagne on draught, by having the champaO'ne faucet screwed into the cork of the bottle. {See illustration, P late No. 8.) · 70. ROM.A,N PUNCH. (Use a lo.rge bar glass.) 11 2 table-spoonful of sugar; 1 /2 pony glass of Raspberry syrup; 2 or 3 dashes of Lemon juice, dissolve with a little water or Selt ers ; pony glass of Jamaic~ rum· stir up well with .a spoon, orn~ment the top with grapes, .oranges, pmeapple, etc., (if in season,) and serve with a straw. This is one of the oldest drinks known. (See Illustration, Plate, No. 14.) , 1 / 4 pony glass of Cura<;oa ; 1/2 wine glass of Brandy· 1 / 2

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