1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Fancy Ve rmouth Cocktail. Use small bar glu8i:;. 'l'ake t wo dashes Angos t u .-n b iUo rs . Two dashes Ma rasc hin o.

One wine-glass or Ve n u o u t h. One l'Jll!l.l'te r s lico o f lc n1 011.

F111 the (!lass on e-qnat'Ler full o f s ha \' e d Ice, s hake well and strain into a cocktail glass ; garnis h w it h the lemon.

Absinthe Cocktail. Use small bar glcc&1. Take two dashes of an !sot t e .

One dash of AngosLura bitt e 1·s. One pony g lass of alis intho .

Pour about one wine-glass of wutc r iu to th o t umbler Jn a s~all stream from the Ice pitch e r, o r pre fcra l.>ly frn m nn absinthe glass . Shake up ver y thoro ug h ly with ice, a nd strain · to ID a claret glass.

Japanese Cocktail. Use small bar gl..a88. Take one tablespoonful of orgeat syrup. 'fwo dashes of Boker 's bitte rs . One wine-glass o! brandy. One or two pieces of lemon p eel. e umb'E>r one-thi rd with Jee, stir we · Jersey Cocktail. Use large bar gla88. Take one teas poonful of line white s ugar. Two dashes of bitters . Three or four Jumps of Ice.



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' nod strain into a cocktail glass.

Fill tumbl




or With cider, and mbi:: well with a spoo n, a n d

O\"e e ice before serving.

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