1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Glasgow Flip.

Beat one egg thoroug hly. Add the juice of o n e lemon. One-half tablespoon powde r e d s ugar. Balance cold g ing er ale .

Stir well and se rve.

Gin and Molasses. A whiskey glas a.

Cover the botlom of the g lass with n. little g in. Drop in one tablespoon of New 0 1le nn s m o lasses, the n place the bottle of gin before the c u s tome r, all owin g him t,o h elp him– self. After droppin'g in t h e mola sses, put n. s rua ll bar spc..on in the glass. Hot water must be used to clean t h o g la s s a ft e r wards . Gin a nd Pine. Take some fine slivers of pine wood ft·om t h o ce nte r of a green pine log, s tee p them in a bottle of gin t o e x t r dct t he flavor; In about two hours the g in wi ll be r eady to s Pr ve, which is done In same manne1· a s dispe n s ing gin and. tansy. . ar This is an old-fas hioned but excelle n t Lo uie , a11c.l ts pre– p eel by steeping a bunch of tansy In a bottle o f H olla nd gin, whlcb. ... ex:... acts the ess ence. dro I: serving, you simply seli the glass, wit h a lump of ice hi PP d Into It, before the cus tomer allowwg him Lo h elp mselt fro th ' . m e bottle containin g the preparatwn. A small bar g lclBB . f . ve or s ix s prigs or wormwood placed in a quart bottle o gm to bXtract the essence Place be for e the c us tomer a ~mall bar glass (d ropping ~ piece of fee the r ein) a nd the d o~tle, allowing him t o help himself. This is a ve ry o ld rink, used principally In country vH!ages. Gin and Tansy. A whiskey glass. . . Gin and Wormwood. Fi

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