1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Hot Spiced Rum. Use medium bar glass, hot. Take one teaspoonful or powdernd white sugar. One wine-glass of Jamaica rum.

One teaspoonful of s pices (allspice a nd cloves not ground). One piece of sweet butter as large as 11alf a chest– nut. Dissolve the sugar in a little boiling wato1·, add the mm, spices and butter, a nd fill the glass two-t hirds full of bolling water. Mint Julep. Use large bar-glass. Take one tablespoonful of white pulverized s ugar. Two and one-haH tablespoonfuls o f water- mix well with a spoon. One and one-half wine-glass full of brn11dy. Take three or four sprigs of fresh mint a nd press t hem well in the sugar and water, until the fliwo1· of the mint is extracted; add th" brandy, and fill t h e g lass with ~ue shaved ice, and then dmw out the s prigs of mint and nsert them In the ice with the s tems down warO, so t hat the leaves will be above, in the s hape of a bouquet ; arrange berries and small pieces of s liced orange on t op in a tasty manner ; dash with Jamaica rum and serve with a straw.

Champagne Julep. A lm·ge bar glasa.

One lump of white sugar. One sprig mint, press to extract tile essence. Pour the wine into the glass s lowly, stirring gen t ly C'On tin ually. Dress with sliced orange, grapes a nd berriE'S, tas tily, ancl serve.

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