1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Sleeper. Take one gill or old rum.

One ounce of sugar. Two fresh raw eggs. One-half pint of water. Six clovl's. Six coriander seeds . OnA lemon.

Boil the cloves and coria.ncler, with a bit of cinnamon in the water ; mix together the rum, s ugar, tho yolks of the eggs and t ho juice of half the lemon ; whisk t hem a ll to– gether, and strain Into a tumbler.

Shandy Gaff. Large bar gla88. Fill half the glass with lager. Fill half the glass with ginger a le . It ls also made with half ale and half g in ger ale.

Sherry and Bitters. A Sherry wi ne-glass. One dash Angosturo. bitters . One wine-glass Sherry.

To prepare the above artis tically. das h in your bitters , then twist the glass In a way to cover the ins ide ; fill up wit h Sherry and serve. • Santa Cruz Sour. Use small ba·r -glass. Take one large teaspoonful or white sugar. dissolved In a little seltzer or Apollinnris water. Three dashes of lemon juice. One win••-glass of Santa Cruz rum. Fill the glass ruu of shav<>rl. lcE', s hake up and strain \nto a Clai'.Ot glass, orname 11 t with oru11g e and berries in !'IE'llSOll.

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