1888 The Police Gazette Bartenders Guide by Richard K Fox



Al though the siphons are coo structed of very t\J ick g l ass, this very thickness, while afl'<•nling complete r esistnuce to tho expansion of t he gas contained, ls the m o r e l iab le t o crack from unequal cont.ract i on, when onl y on o p orLion of the siphon is touching the i ce. Casks containing ale or porter should b e tapp Pd b efore nlacing them on tho skid, and then allowetl s ulTlc ien t Lime for tho contents to settle and becorno cl ear b efo r e u sing . Tho r efreshi ng quulities and Oavor of l age1· I.Joor dopP.nd very largely on the manner or k eeping and handl i ng. Cask .; or kega contai ning i t sh ould be k ep t aL a. t c m per atu ro or about !orty degrees. L ager is a l ways in i t s b est condiLion when it comes from the bniwer's ice-house . Whon carted through the str eets on a hot summel"'s day L\Jo tom per aturo is quickly i ncreased, and it mu!'lt tlwn be stornd in a 1·efrig– orator !or throe or four· days iu 01·der to r educe it to a p1·oper temper ature b<:fur e us ing. Cordials, bi• t er s and syru ps sh ould be cooled gntd u ally , ::.id not la.id upon lee. A moder n.Le degree or cool n ess ls sufficient for these prep-iratlons, a.s the_y am on ly u sed in small portions for m ixing and flavo1·ing.



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