1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



Kirsch Punch. Mix two quarts water, three pounds sugar, the juice of four lemons and one pint Kirschwasser. Put in freezer. When nearly frozen, whip eight whites of eggs firm ; mix in and freeze again. Egg-Nogg Frappe. Beat two eggs until light and creamy, add two tablespoonfuls fine sugar, beat again, then add half a jigger St. Croix rum and half a jigger brandy, one pint cream or rich milk ; mix well and freeze. Grape Sherbet. Place two pounds of washed Concord grapes in a bowl and mash them thoroughly, squeeze out all the juice through a cheesecloth or a fine sieve; add an equal amount of cold water, the juice of two lemons, use sugar enough to sweeten, and Tea Punch Frappe. Prepare one quart of tea, sweeten to taste, strain, and when cold add. the juice of one lemon, one jigger of Jamaica rum, and one jigger of brandy; mix and freeze until mushy. Lemon Sherbet. Use two quarts boiling water, eight lemons, the white of an egg, one quart sugar. Spread part of freeze.

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