1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



Dripped Absinthe. (Use Absinthe Drip-glass.) Pour one pony of absinthe into the bottom glass, fill the upper (drip) glass full of ice-water. When two-thirds of the water has dripped into the ab- sinthe it is ready to be drunk. A few drops of anisette will improve this drink.

Absinthe, Italian Style.

Put into a thin eight-ounce glass containing a few lumps of clear ice one pony of absinthe, two dashes maraschino, four dashes anisette. Slowly fill the glass with ice-water, stir well with long bar- spoon. Serve.

Absinthe, Swiss Style.

Fill a mixing-glass half-full of fine ice, pour into it one pony of absinthe, one pony of water, one dash of gum-syrup. Shake with shaker until very cold, strain into champagne-tumbler, fill up with siphon seltzer. Ammonia and Seltzer. This is a good remedy for the relief of the depression following alcoholic excesses. Dose: Twenty drops of spirit, ammon. aromat. in a medium-sized glass of seltzer or plain water.

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