1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



a jigger Bourbon whiskey, one teaspoon ful fine sugar, one bottle cold plain soda. Stir with long barspoon. Drink during effervescence. Brandy Crusta. Fill a mixing-glass half full of fine ice; add three dashes of gum-syrup, two dashes mara- schino, the juice of a quarter of a lemon, two dashes Peyschaud or Angostura bitters, and one jigger brandy ; mix. Take a lemon the size of a fancy sauterne or claret glass; peel the rind from three-fourths of it all in one piece; fit it into the glass; moisten the edge of the glass with a piece of lemon, and dip it into fine sugar, which gives it a frosted appearance. Strain your mix- ture into this glass, trim with fruit, and serve. Gin Crusta. Prepare same as Brandy Crusta, substituting gin for brandy. St. Croix Crusta. Mix and serve same as Brandy Crusta, using St. Croix rum in place of brandy.

Whiskey Crusta.

Is prepared in the same manner as Brandy Crusta, substituting the desired kind of whiskey for brandy.

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