1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



India Cup (per glass). One tablespoonful fine sugar, a little water, one slice lemon, two jiggers claret, one dash curagoa, two dashes Madeira ; mix well in thin punch-glass, add a slice cucumber, fill the glass with cold Lincoln Club Cup. Put into a glass pitcher a few lumps of ice, one tablespoonful fine sugar, one jigger brandy, one jigger pale sherry, one jigger sauterne or rhine- wine, one lemon sliced, half an orange sliced, a few slices pineapple, one piece cucumber-rind, one iced bottle champagne, one bottle plain soda; mix. Serve cold. Marmora Cup. Three lumps of clear ice in a glass pitcher, the juice of half a lemon, one jigger orgeat syrup, half a pony brandy, half a pony maraschino, half a pony Jamaica rum, one tablespoonful fine sugar; add one iced bottle champagne, one bottle cold plain soda. Mix well, ornament with fruit in season, put a few sprigs fresh mint on top. Royal Cup. Dissolve two tablespoonfuls fine sugar with a little water in a punch-bowl, add the juice of one orange, the juice of half a lemon, one jigger seltzer.

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