1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



Morning Glory Fizz.

Fill a mixing-glass half -full fine ice; add the juice of half a lemon, half a tablespoonful fine sugar, the white of an egg, one jigger Scotch whiskey, two dashes absinthe; shake thoroughly, strain into a fizz-glass, fill with siphon seltzer. Serve. New Orleans Fizz. Half a tablespoonful fine sugar, the juice of half a small lemon, one jigger Tom gin; shake in a mixing-glass half -full fine ice, then add half a jig- ger milk or cream, shake again, strain into a fizz- glass, and fill with siphon seltzer or carbonic. Pistache Fizz. A mixing-glass one-fourth full fine ice, the juice of half a lemon, one-half tablespoonful fine sugar, one jigger Tom gin, one jigger full prepared pis- tache cream ; shake well, strain into fizz-glass, fill with seltzer.

Royal Fizz.

Prepare same as Plain Gin Fizz, adding both the white and the yolk of a fresh egg before shak- ing; strain into fizz-glass and fill with siphon


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