1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



holding them tightly together, so as to keep the brandy in the pony glass, then fill the whiskey- glass half -full seltzer and draw out the pony glass carefully so as to leave the brandy floating on top of seltzer. Curacoa Float. Fill a pony-glass half -full maraschino, then fill with orange curagoa, be careful to keep the two cordials in separate layers. Take two mixing-glasses and fill them full of fine ice, pour into one of them one pony absinthe, one pony water, add two dashes anisette. Turn the other mixing-glass full of fine ice on top of first glass, then reverse the glasses, so as to allow the liquid to flow from one glass to the other. Repeat this until the liquid is very cold, then strain into a fancy bar-glass and add a squirt of seltzer. Absinthe Frappe, No. 2. A mixing-glass half -full fine ice ; add one pony of absinthe, one pony of water, one dash anisette; shake until ice forms on outside of shaker, strain into thin glass, add a squirt of seltzer. Brandy Punch Frappe\ Fill two mixing-glasses with fine ice; put into one of them one tablespoonful fine sugar, a little Absinthe Frappe, No. 1.

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