1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



Gin and Pine.

Take from the heart of a green pine log two ounces of splinters, steep in a quart bottle Tom gin for twenty-four hours, strain into another bot-

Serve same as straight gin.


Gin and Tansy.

Steep a bunch of tansy in a bottle of gin until the flavor is extracted, then strain into another

Serve same as gin and pine.


Gin and Wormwood. Steep a small bunch of wormwood in one quart of gin until the flavor is extracted. Serve same as Gin and Tansy.

Golden Slipper.

Fill a wine-glass one-third full of yellow char- treuse, add the yolk of a small egg, then fill the glass with Danziger Goldwasser ; be careful not to break the y olk of the egg, and keep the cordials separate. Grenadine Lemonade. Make a plain lemonade rather tart, and add a pony of grenadine before shaking. Trim with fruit, serve with straws.

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