1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



Pousse d 'Amour. A sherry-glass one-third full of maraschino, carefully add the yolk of a fresh egg, fill the glass with yellow chartreuse; keep the two liqueurs in separate layers. Peach and Honey. Pour a little peach brandy into a small bar- glass, add a teaspoonful honey ; mix well. Place peach brandy before customer and allow him to help himself. Peach Blow. Crush six ripe strawberries with half a table- spoonful fine sugar in a mixing-glass, fill glass one- third full fine ice, add one jigger brandy, fill up with milk; shake well, strain. Pick Me Up. A mixing-glass half full fine ice, half a pony absinthe, one jigger vermouth ; shake well until cold, strain into a star-glass, fill with seltzer. Apple Brandy Punch. Fill a mixing-glass three-fourths full of fine ice, add the juice of half a lemon, one tablespoonful fine sugar, one jigger apple brandy; shake well. Serve on ice with straws or strain, trim with fruit.

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