1895 Modern American drinks; how to mix and serve all kinds of cups and drinks



shake well, put in long thin punch-glass,

fine ice ;

ornament top with fruit.

Serve straws.

National Punch. Fill a mixing-glass half -full of fine ice, add the juice of half a lemon, one tablespoonful of fine sugar, half a jigger brandy, one jigger Rhine- wine; mix well. Serve on ice in a long punch- glass, ornament with fruit, float a little Jamaica rum on top. Serve straws. Orange Punch. Dissolve one tablespoonful fine sugar with a lit- tle water in a mixing-glass, add the juice of half an orange, the juice of half a lime, one jigger eau de vie d 'oranges or orange brandy, fill the glass with fine ice; mix well; strain into fancy bar-glass, trim with fruit. Orgeat Punch. In a mixing-glass the juice of half a lemon, one jigger orgeat syrup, one jigger whiskey, fill the glass with fine ice; shake well, put all into a long thin punch-glass, trim with fruit, top off with

Serve with straws.


Peach Punch. Put into a mixing-glass half a peach, either fresh or canned, one tablespoonful fine sugar, the

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