1895 Official hand-book and guide (1895)


Pousse 1'

(Use sherry glass.)

}/i glass of maraschino, yolk of an egg. 1 ± glass of vanilla cordial, glass of brandy. To be kept in separate layers, serve.

Rhine Wine Lemonade. (Use large bar glass.)

i tablespoonful of fine sugar.

Juice of Fill with

half an orange.

glass of ice.


Rhine wine. Mix well, trim with fruits and sip with straws.

Rock and Rye Whiskey. Good remedy for sore throats and colds. 2 teaspoonfuls of best rock candy syrup. 1 wine glass of good rye whiskey. Mix well and serve. Or, put the syrup and a spoon in the glass, and hand out the bottle of rye to the customer.

Roman Punch. (Use large bar glass.)

2 teaspoonfuls of sugar, i tablespoonful of raspberry syrup, 4 dashes of lemon juice. Water to dissolve the above. Juice of half an orange, fill the glass % full of shaved ice, 2 dashes of curacoa. Y 2 wine glass of brandy, pony of Jamaica rum. Mix well, dash with port wine, trim with fruit.


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