1895 Official hand-book and guide (1895)

BottJed Velvet

1 bottle of Moselle. 1 2 pint of sherry.

The peeling of i lemon. 2 tablespoonfuls of sugar. A sprig of verbena. Shake well, strain and ice.

Bottle of Brandy Cocktail.

% quart of brandy. l :) quart of water. i pony of Caroni Bitters. i wine glass of gum syrup. i-2 pony of curacoa. Mix and bottle securely well.

Bottle of Gin Cocktail.

Same as brandy with gin substituted for brandy.

Brandy and Ginger Ale.

(Use large bar glass.)

Several lumps of cracked ice. i wine glass of brandy, i bottle of ginger ale. Mix thoroughly, taking care that the ale does not foam over the top of the glass.

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