1895 The Mixicologist by C F Lawlor


Ale Sangaree. (Use thin glass.)

Barspoonful sugar, a few drops lemon, little ·111ater to dissolve, one lump ice; pour ale in slowly. 3tir carefully, filling up with the ale. Serve with a little nutmeg on top.

Porter Sangaree (Use thin glass.) Same as Ale Sangaree, using porter.

Whiskey Punch. (Use lemonade-glass.)

Take quarter of a lemon, one barspoonful sugar, little water; press the lemon; one jigger bourbon or rye whiskey, fill glass with ice, two dashes rum; shake well and strain into cool stem punch-glass, add fruit. Two or three punches can be made in large glass at the same time, first filling ~up your stem glasses with ice for as many as required. This is one of the best ways to make a good whiskey punch.

Old-fashioned Punch. (Use medium-sized glass.)

Made with same ingredients as the foregoing, ex– cepting to stir with spoon and serve with the ice in same glass with a strainer or straws.

Made with