1896 Fancy Drinks and Popular Beverages by the Only William


72. QfoglislJ Rlilk 1Crmona°i)c. Peel the rind of two fine lemons very thinly, squeeze the juice of the lemons, cu.t the rind into small pieces, and let it soak for about twe lve hours ; filter; mix with two pounds of sugar refined t o syrup, a bottle of sherry, and two and a half quarts of fresh, boiling milk. Clear the lemonade by filtering often enough throug h a flannel bag, and a very cooling summer-drink will crown your efforts. 73. .§ig ZIJcrbct. Cut off the stems of two pounds of large dried figs; pierce each with a wooden pick several times; infuse with one a nd a half quarts of boiling water over night, strain, add a few drops of orange-flower water, some lumps of ice, and the figs, and serve. 75. J.c.e 1Ctmona'tt.e. Well-prepared orange or raspberry lemonade is filled into a bo ttle; dig this into cracked ice, and serve after three-quarters of an hour, when little lumps of ice are forming in the lemonade. 76. Jmptrial. Place in a large, well-warmed pot, one ounce of cremor tar– tari, the rind of three very thinly peeled lemons, one and a half pounds of sugar; pour over it two and a half qua rts of boiling water, cover the pot well, and let it stand an hour in a temper– ate place; stir now and then; put it on ice, and decant it very carefully. 74.

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