1900 Harry Johnsons Bartenders Manual (Mixellany)

— 255 —

4 fresh raw eggs; 4 ounces of powdered sugar;

Heat the ale in a saucepan; beat up the eggs and sugar; add the nutmeg and rum, and put it all into a pitcher. When the ale is near to a boil, put it into another pitcher; pour it very gradually into the pitcher con- taining the eggs, etc., stirring all the while briskly to prevent the eggs from curdling. Then pour the contents of the two pitchers from one into the other until the mixture is as smooth as cream, and serve in a punch bowl. CREME DE MENTHE. (Use a cocktail glass.) Have the cocktail glass packed up with finely shaved ice; Fill up the glass with creme de Menthe and serve. In case you are asked for a creme de Menthe frappe, you must put the above ingredients in a shaker, fill up the shaker with ice, shake well until the outside of the shaker is covered with ice, strain into a fancy glass and serve. | tablespoonful of sugar; ^ wineglass of water or selters; 3 or 4 sprigs of fresh mint, dissolved well until all the essence of the mint is extracted; \ glass of shaved ice; 1 wineglass of whiskey; Stir up well with a spoon, strain into a fancy bar glass, and ornament with a little fruit in season, and serve. WHISKEY SMASH. (Use a large bar glass.)

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