1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide


Absinthe. As there are several ways of mixing absinthe it is best to inquire in what manner the customer desires it before attempting to serve it. OLD FRENCH STYLE . Place a pony glass of absinthe into a large glass; take the top p a rt of a French absinthe glass, which is shaped like a bowl, and which h as a small hole in the bottom; fill this with fine ice and water, and it will drip through the hole into the glass containing the absinthe ; let it continue dripping until there is about two parts water to one of absinthe, and serve. Only genuine imported absinthe should be used. ABSINTHE-AMERICAN STYLE. Three-quarter glass fine ice. Six dashes gum syrup.

One pony glass absinthe. Three wine-glasses water.

Shake ingredients until outside of shaker is cov– ered with ice ; then strain in large bar glass and serve. This is also called Frapped Absinthe.


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