1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

ABSIN'.l'HE- ! TALIAN S T YL E . One pony glass ?. bsinthe. Few lumps broke n ice. Three dashes Maraschino. One-half pony g lass Anisette. Pour ice water slowly into the m ixtu re, stir with a spoon and serve.

" Arf and Arf," or Black and Tan. Use large ale glass.

This is a common Eng lish d rink a nd means h a lf porter and h alf ale, bnt in this country we u se h a l f old ale a nd h alf new. It is always best to ask the customer how he de_ sires it.

COCKTAILS. Absinthe Cocktail. Use large barglass.

Fill ' vith ice. Abouf three dash es g um syrup. One dash Baker's Bitters. Dash Anisette. One-quarter wine-g lass water. Three-quarter wine-glass absinthe

Shake until almost frozen a nd then strain in cock~ tail glass, and se~~e after squeezing a lemon p eel o n top.


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