1902 Fox's Bartender's Guide

Bottle of Whiskey Cocktails. Enough whiskey to make a quart, with the addi– ::ion of one pouy of pure Curacoa, one wine glass of um syrup, and three-quarters of a pony of bitters ; ix in shakers until thoroughly blended, and then pour in bottle, cork and l abel.

Apple Jack Cocktail. Use lmge bar glass. One-half full of shaved ice. Two dashes gum syrup. Two dashes b itters. One dash Curacoa. One wine-glass apple j a ck.

Stir with spoon, and after straining into cocktail glass, add cherry or olive, and squeeze l emon peel on top.

Brandy Cocktail. .Use s·mall bar glass. Take three or four dashes of gum syrup. Two dashes of bitters (Boker's or.Angostura). One wine-gl:;iss of brandy. One or two dashes of Curacoa. Fill the glass·one-third full of sh!'lved ice; shake up .well and strain into a cocktail glass. Twist a small piece of lemon rind in it and serve;



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